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Compassionate Support

Gratis services for all clients:

• On call 24/7

• Phone and email support as needed during pregnancy and postpartum

• support during labor, birth and immediate postpartum period

• Referrals to other professionals, as needed

• Advocacy

• Initial Consultation

Practical Postpartum Support

Assistance with managing any of the practical, day-to-day aspects of your life during this difficult time. This ranges from assistance with anything from meal assistance to arranging for sibling childcare. $50 per hour

Legacy Projects

Various projects are available to help you honor your baby's memory and to allow you to capture your cherished moments with him or her. As you say farewell to your baby, you may wish to create some special keepsakes as a remembrance. $75 - $200

Funeral/Memorial Services Planning

Coordination of all aspects of honoring your baby and your love for him or her.  No Charge

Grandparent Support

Compassionate support specific to the aspects of your loss along with legacy projects and memory making geared specifically to you. $50

Sibling Support

Support focused on siblings, including legacy and memory projects. Creative and memorable ways of ensuring that time with their sibling is meaningful and memorable. $40

Photo Session Coordination

Partnerships with compassionate photographers to capture the cherished times with your precious baby. Free - prices vary depending on photographer's fees

Birth Plans

Creation of birth plans that ensures that birth occurs in a compassionate  environment that is right for you! You will receive support in planning and preparing for your baby's birth, creating a birth plan, and addressing any postpartum needs. Special focus will be on providing options for a personalized birth experience which honors both you and your baby. We'll discuss ways for you to bond with your baby and create special memories during pregnancy, birth, and the welcoming of your baby.  $75

Couples Support

Support focused on parents following a loss including assistance with your communication and grief in meaningful and constructive ways. $40 per hour

Medical Appointment Support

Support at doctor appointments, ultrasounds, in the delivery room and NICU. $50 per appointment/$200 for 6 appointments includes doctor appointments, testing, sonograms. NICU support if needed: $150/3 visits


Working with providers on your behalf to ensure that you have as few regrets as possible by helping you arrive at decisions that are right for you. Free

Miscarriage Support 

Includes all services outlined in the Birth Support Package listed above, with up to 5 hours of in-person labor support. Special focus is on preparing you for what to expect as you birth your baby through miscarriage. Physical and emotional support are provided during the miscarriage and birth of your baby, if possible. Assistance will be provided in creating memories and keepsake items for your baby. Comfort Care Kits are provided free of charge to clients.. $150

Rainbow Pregnancy Planning Support

Helping you decide on and plan your next pregnancy while honoring your baby while welcoming your new child. $75

Birth Support Package

Includes delivery room support, birth plan creation, advocacy, legacy projects, arranging for photos, funeral planning, discharge meeting, coordination of services $500

Rainbow Pregnancy Support

Compassionate support that honors of ALL of your babies and helps to reduce anxiety during this very meaningful time.  Fees Vary

Special Services Planning

Special services planning such as  baptism, birthday parties, family remembrance, blessingway $75 - $200

Special Note About Fees

Support is highly important during this most difficult journey. Fees are based upon your individual needs, the support services selected, and available donated funds. Services are available at a discounted rate, or at no cost, if possible for those in need. Payment plans are also offered. Donations are accepted to help provide bereavement services for families in need.